Delaware Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) Outline

I) Enroll in Delaware VDA
A. Sign and submit Delaware Form VDA-1
II) Compile Delaware Information Request
A. Company history
B. Entities included in VDA
C. Mergers and acquisitions
D. Reporting history
E. Records availability
F. Property types included in VDA
i. Payroll
ii. Accounts Payables
iii. Accounts Receivables
iv. Refunds/rebates
v. Others
III) Scoping
A. Each entity included in VDA
i. Property types
1. Record availability
a. Trial balances
b. Bank recs
c. Outstanding check lists
d. Voided check lists
e. A/R aging reports
f. Other(s)
2. How far back do records exist?
a. Ideally to YEAR 1996
3. Lack of records
a. Estimation used
IV) Review of Records in Detail
A. Detailed review of each property type
B. For each entity
C. Estimation where records do not exist
V) Submit results to Delaware for review
A. Draft report submitted to Delaware
B. Delaware may select a sample to test to support findings
VI) Settlement and Payment
A. Delaware agrees to VDA findings
i. State Form VDA-2 completed and submitted to Delaware
ii. Remittance payment submitted
VII) Other State VDA’s
A. Final exposure for all other applicable States determined

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