PEACC, advising corporate America since 2002, is the most cost effective way to get and stay in compliance with all State unclaimed property reporting requirements. So whether your company has never filed unclaimed property reports in the past; has filed, but is not in complete compliance, or has filed sporadically in the past; you owe it to your company to contact PEACC to discuss an economical way to customize a plan to get you or keep you in compliance with the myriad of State laws and requirements. PEACC services include:

1) Assistance with initial compliance – if your company has never filed, or filed reports sporadically in the past, PEACC can assist in the Voluntary Disclosure Process, estimate exposure, legally minimize it as much as possible, and negotiate a favorable settlement with the States. In most cases without the threat of penalties or interest for past due property.

2) If your company is currently filing reports, PEACC can perform a review of your reports and let you know if, in fact, your are compliant with all State requirements, including under reporting or over reporting. It is recommended that company’s have a third-party review their past reporting history, along with all policies and procedures, to ensure continued compliance every three years. Having PEACC perform this review almost always finds ways to save a company money with their unclaimed property reporting compliance efforts.  99% of our reviews have uncovered ways to reduce unclaimed property exposure for individual companies.

3) Looking to outsource/co-source your company’s unclaimed property reporting? PEACC will take all outstanding property, and using proprietary software, generate a company’s reports, including all due diligence requirements, and submit them in the proper time frames and formats. All reports are guaranteed to be accepted by all States.

4) PEACC knows in today’s economy companies are short staffed and therefore may not have the resources to conduct research on unclaimed property rules and regulations.  With most State compliance changes taking effect January 1 or July 1, contact us to discuss how we can perform unclaimed property compliance research in a cost effective and economical way.  Our research will save your company time in money.  Rather then spending hours of your time on the phone with each State, deciphering any law or requirement changes, PEACC does this for you and ensures your company’s compliance! We guarantee to beat any competitors prices while guaranteeing all work. So whether you want to know what State’s allow deductions for due diligence, deductions in general, property exemptions, including Business to Business, or just the climate of the States on issues not addressed in their State law or requirements, PEACC can do the research for you saving you time and money!

5) Just getting started and not sure what’s required of your company? Engage PEACC and we will customize a solution that’s right for you that fits your company’s budget. Email or call us now for a “free” initial compliance consultation.  Want to stay anonymous? Email or call us from your home or cell phone or email address. All phone calls and discussions are held in the strictest confidence.

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