Delaware VDA Opportunity Notification Letters

Based on recent correspondence with the State of Delaware and the Holder community, it has come to PEACC’s attention that Delaware’s Secretary of State has recently mailed opportunity letters to participate in the State’s Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (“VDA”) program. These notices were mailed to hundreds of companies throughout the United States who are incorporated in Delaware. As stated in the State’s recently revised laws and regulations, companies receiving the VDA letter have 60 days to respond. Companies not responding to the letter will be referred to the Delaware Department of Finance for an unclaimed property audit. Historically, the State turns to aggressive third-party, contingency fee paid auditors to perform these audits.

With this new letter notification initiative in mind, it is a best practice for any companies incorporated in Delaware, not fully compliant with the State’s unclaimed property rules and regulations, to keep an eye out for these VDA notices so they do not miss this opportunity to participate in the State’s VDA program.  PEACC advises all companies incorporated in Delaware (not just the ones receiving the letter) ensure they are in full compliance with the unclaimed property State laws and requirements as they may again begin to aggressively enforce their reporting requirements through State and State sponsored audits.

PEACC is advising companies to let their mailrooms and other appropriate personnel know to keep an eye out for any correspondence letters from the State of Delaware so this opportunity to report through a VDA does not pass them by. Missing this opportunity will lead to an unclaimed property audit.

For further information about this Delaware VDA letter writing campaign or the State’s VDA program and its benefits, please contact PEACC at 410.303.5510 for a free confidential consultation.

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