“As a user of an unclaimed property reporting software system along with serving on numerous planning committees organizing industry events, I often turned to PEACC with questions and concerns I had on unclaimed property reporting and compliance issues. PEACC always had up-to-date industry news and how it was going to effect a holder’s reporting obligations” – Unclaimed Property Reporting Manager, Telecommunications Company and former President – Unclaimed Property Holders Liaison Council (“UPHLC”/nka “UPPO”)

“I have turned to Pat Healy, founder of PEACC, for close to 20 years now for his advice and recommendations on just about every area of unclaimed property compliance imaginable. He has always provided my with honest and accurate answers at an extremely fair price, sometimes at no cost. His opinions are invaluable and have saved my firm hundreds of thousands of dollars. My firm has gone through more than one State sponsored unclaimed property audit and rather than use one of those “bigger” firms as an advocate, we heard PEACC could provide us the same results as these bigger firms, at a fraction of the cost. We have since used PEACC to assist some of our recent acquisitions is coming forward voluntarily with reporting to the States. PEACC provides an alternative to the high priced service providers” – Director of Banking and Finance, National Insurance Company

“My company retained PEACC to help us with a State unclaimed property audit.  We were not incorporated in this State and PEACC advised us of all our options, minimized our exposure and came up with what was thought to be a fair dollar amount owed to this State.  Sure enough, the State auditors came on site and met with PEACC on our behalf, and agreed with the findings, which was a fraction of what we thought the company would owe. PEACC efforts saved us a tremendous amount of time and money!” – CEO, Sporting Goods Manufacturing Company

“As a result of a ten minute telephone call, PEACC and Pat Healy save us nearly $1.3 million in unclaimed property exposure while undergoing a State unclaimed property audit! This, plus the fact he didn’t even charge us for this advice that led to the significant savings, is why we highly recommend PEACC’s services” – Controller, Major Beverage Bottling Company and Distributor

“Over the years I served as the Unclaimed Property Reporting Manager for my company and I often turned to PEACC to clarify some complicated or gray areas of our unclaimed property reporting responsibilities. Whether it was a question on certain due diligence requirements in a State, or contacting a State on our behalf to request an extension for a report, PEACC always went above and beyond to resolve our issues and has developed into a respected voice in the world of unclaimed property” – Unclaimed Property Unit Manager, Technology & Manufacturing Company

“One of the biggest reasons, other than their years of experience and knowledge, we chose PEACC to assist us with our Voluntary Compliance process was the fact that they told us that even if we didn’t choose them as our service provider, to please feel free to still call them anytime with questions, or a second opinion. No other service provider gave us this option. Obviously, we choose PEACC and we’re happy we did”– Legal Counsel, Major Medical Manufacturing and Supply Company

“I used PEACC to contact a few states anonymously to clarify some reporting requirements. I always received accurate, reliable and up to date information from PEACC. To this day I still pass PEACC along to other people in the industry to use as a resource as well”
– Manager of Unclaimed Property – National Insurance Company

“I have used PEACC as a resource for unclaimed property compliance since 1991 and always received accurate and insightful information. Because the professionals at PEACC have experience working as Compliance Managers for leading unclaimed property reporting software companies, [their assistance and advice] is invaluable. The knowledge and expertise PEACC professionals have cannot be gained from any text or law book. They have real first hand experience dealing with all company types and unclaimed property reporting compliance.” – President & CEO – Crystal Importing & Retail Company

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